Naval Air Systems Command - Washington, DC - First Presidential Management Internship Assignment. 

A purpose of the Presidential Management Internship (PMI) is to provide government experience to recently graduated Master Degreed candidates. Included could be various rotational assignments to season the Intern and help them focus on a future government career path. I was encouraged to accept the NAVAIR invitation with promises of rotational assignments to the White House, Capitol Hill Congressional Offices, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. 

Once in the fold, I was enlightened to learn none of the promises would be fulfilled. They explained their concerns I would like working in any of these other environments and I would be encouraged by the sponsors in these environments to remain there.

I did have excellent assignments with NAVAIR with the Test and Evaluation Office that releases Requests for Proposals (RFP) for air weapons systems followed by an evaluation of each proposal received to award  a winner.

I was next assigned to the GS-18 Civilian Director for world-wide weapons systems logistics. This was excellent as the Director weilded ultimate influence and utilized me as his "person of influence" to motivate weapons systems program managers to meet the high cost driver evaluation deadlines. I was the bad guy and the Director had my back. 

While in Utah for Christmas, I interviewed with Governor Scott Matheson's office about performing a several month Intern rotational assignment. The Governor's state assistant quickly accepted my request and assigned me to the administration staff. NAVAIR initially approved my request and then reversed the approval to continue their "ownership" of my experience. Governor Matheson exercised his options to contact the Secretary of the Navy who quickly responded in kind by reassigning me to the Utah Governor's Office where I would experience an excellent opportunity to create and implement the Governor's First Public Productivity Fair under the sponsorship of  NAVAIR. Very nice!