Rotational PMI Assignment to Utah Governor Scott Matheson's Office

As a part of my two-year Presidential Management Internship (PMI), Govenor Matheson's office provided what would become a four month rotational assignment to his administration offices in the Utah State Capitol. To close the deal with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), my sponsoring organization for the Internship, the Governor connected with the Secretary of the Navy who assigned me to the Utah Governor's Office.  My primary assignment would be to analyze and recommend the feasibility of establishing the Governor's first Public Productivity Fair eight months later.

I had no budget and soon learned that just calling people from the Governor's Office created immediate response. Bank presidents and mayors picked up my calls quickly. My experience with federal government in Washington was like the movie "Ground Hog Day" where what was resolved yesterday comes right back at you today as if there had been no yesterday. I was appreciating the opportunity to experience state government from the best seat in the house where effective action happened. 

The feasibility study moved quickly and I soon realized the Governor's conference could materialize within my brief tenure on Capitol Hill. Agenda's were prepared and players invited. The Co-Chair of the White House Conference on Productivity accepted my invitation to be the luncheon speaker. Stephen Covey was the plenary speaker joined by local Mayors, legislators, and a Congressman.

The Governor presented the keynote address. I learned a lot observing the way he presentated the speech from my close vantage point as the Conference Coordinator. Utah State University sponsored the conference in the Governor's behalf and gave me full range of authority to function and define. Today with not so many speaking opportunities, I employ the speaking style of Governor Matheson. Snowbird Resort hosted the one day Productivity Conference attended by 250 federal, state, and local government employees. Rounding out my experience, the Governor's legislative liaisons ushered me about the legislative session providing a brief and attractive tour encouraging my interest. Hearing about two openings in the state legislative offices, I interviewed and won one of the jobs with motivation from my positive state experiences.