A Hero Picture. The A-7D Corsair II, also known as the "Sluff" for "Short Little Ugly Fat Fella," and me taken in Tucson, AZ during my A-7D fighter checkout. Originally a Navy plane, the Air Force adopted the A-7 with upgrades. Air to air capable, its primary mission was high speed interdiction ingress through combat arenas to deliver an array of air to ground weapons with enhanced computer delivery capabilities. The A-7D is said to be Mach 1 capable, in a vertical dive with full power from which a safe recovery to level flight may be risky business. I served as the Wing Weapons and Tactics Officer and Maintenance Quallity Assurance Officer in addition to being the Pilot Member of a Toledo, OH, A-7 Accident Investigation Team. I had previously served in a similar capacity as Pilot Member of an F-105 Accident Investigation Team at Nellis AFB, NV. With the A-7 mission, we deployed to Panama on three occasions to defend the Canal Zone should Mr. Noriega make a questionable move. He did so on another team's watch two weeks after our last deployment. A-7D fighters were the only ones based on land south of the United States border.